Un mélange "soft rock-ambient" avec une voix sensuelle
"Soft rock-ambient" group with a sensual voice



1. No More Words

 2. Man I Love   (Text / Song extract)   

 3. Joy And Death   (Text)   

 4. Beyond Time's Span   (Text / Song extract)   

 5. Other Side    (Text / Song extract)

 6. She Is   (Text)   

 7. The Fall   (Text / Song extract)

 8. White Wedding Dress   (Text)   

 9. This Morning   (Text / Song extract)

 10. Rivers And Children   (Text / Song extract)   


Daddy's Arms est un groupe suisse composé de cinq musiciens. Cet album est le résultat de quatre années de travail de studio... C'est le temps qu'il a fallu pour ciseler toute une approche sonore mélangeant textures synthétiques et sons acoustiques, confrontant percussions électroniques et voix.

Daddy' s Arms is a five musicians Swiss group. This album is the result of four working years of studio... It's the time which it was necessary to chisel a whole sound approach mixing synthetic textures and acoustic sounds, confronting electronic percussions and voice.

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Isa - voices, piano

Stéphane Juillard - guitars

Karm - keyboards, synths programming

Bubu - bass

Ricky - sampling, drum programming

Stéphane Montinaro - Drums on "Joy And Death", "This Morning", "Rivers And Children"
Rythmic sample extracted from a Stéphane Montinaro drum's pattern on "White Wedding Dress"
Jean-Marc Pasquet - Backing vocals on "Rivers And Children"
Music: Daddy's Arms
Texts: Busino
Recorded & mixed by Eric Zimmermann & Daddy's Arms at Rec'Up studio-Geneva (CH)
Produced by Rec'Up and Daddy's Arms - ©2001
Thanks to Monika and Luigi !

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