The famous and well known FM synthesis synth commercialized in 1983 by Yamaha and used by great artists or groups such as A-Ha, Laurie Anderson, The Beach Boys, James Brown, Ray Charles, Phil Collins, Chicago, Chick Corea, Dire Straits, George Duke, Brian Eno, Genesis, Daryl Hall & John Oates, Jan Hammer, Herbie Hancock, Janet Jackson, Michael Jackson, Jean-Michel Jarre, Al Jarreau, Elton John, Kitaro, Kraftwerk, Level 42, John Lord, Michel Petrucciani, Queen, The Rolling Stones, Sade, Supertramp, Talk Talk, Talking Heads, Toto, Tina Turner, U2, Vangelis, Stevie Wonder, Yello and so on and on...
A very impressive but so far non exhaustive listing because this synth was really the most played in the 80's. You certainly remember the clear electric pianos used in most of the pop ballads, the punchy slap basses, the realistic tubular bells or marimbas, the unforgettable synthetic special FXs... So, all features that let this synth simply matchless!




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